Des Moines Area Estate Sales

With the passing of a loved one often times there are many items that need to be liquidated. Property Downsizers will come in and properly stage the home in order to maximize the value of your loved one’s personal belongings. Property Downsizers will organize and account for all of the personal property and make sure that your families property is taken care in a respectable and timely manner. Property Downsizers will hold a multi-day sale based upon the size of the estate. We will advertise the estate sale and do everything in our power to maximize your profit.

Senior Living And Transitioning

As your family ages you or your elders have to make the decision to move into some type of senior living facility or assisted care. Property Downsizers can assist with the move as much as needed.  Deciding what will go and what will stay is not always easy and we are here to help. We will go to the new “home” and evaluate the floor plan and square footage. By doing this we can better determine what can be moved and what can not.

Estate Buyouts

If you have lost a loved one and don’t have the time to hold an estates sale, Property Downsizers can assist you with an Estate buyout. Property Downsizers can come to the home and give you a dollar amount to take all of the personal belongings for a flat fee that is paid up front. You do not have to go through a sale and the whole process can expedited.

Downsizing Real Estate

In this day and age many people have large homes, but after a while they decide that they don’t want the up keep of the large home. And they decide that they want to move into a smaller more manageable home. This is where Property Downsizers comes in. Similar to the senior transitioning, Property Downsizers can evaluate the new “home” and determine how much room there is and what belongings should make the move and what can not.